Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet Yarrow the Ponderer

Yarrow is a middle-aged humanoid male who hails from a "crawlspace reality" which is known by a slew of names to outsiders, though most of its native denizens -- just a few thousand humanoids -- call it Sargonis. Sargonis is a city scattered across a wide area. While there are a few wooden structures (made of materials imported from other realities), the bulk of the city is composed of weird stone outcroppings called Dispersions. The city typically bustles with commerce -- being something of a trade-hub for a few dozen coteries of plane-walking wizard-merchants -- but the land itself is quite cold and dark. No sun or stars exist there -- a relatively low-hanging (perhaps 3,000 yards above the tallest dispersion) membranous vault covers and encloses the entire area, sealing out the demon-haunted vacuum beyond. Light within the city is produced magically by various lamps -- a specialty in Sargonis -- or carried in the stomach cavities of undead thralls. Wealth is the driving force here, and anything can be obtained for a price. In fact, this is what brings Yarrow to Zalchis. He was commissioned by a local firm, Dralzog & Shmeng, to obtain the Memory of Hreem -- the miniaturized, living simulacrum of a city that vanished many, many aeons ago preserved inside a faceted rose crystal that adorns a simple iron ring. D&S provided Yarrow with the means to enter Zalchis. He is served by his demonic familiar, Tungleway, a thing that might be compared to a raccoon with a lamprey's head that walks on its hind legs. Tungleway acts as the Dr. Watson to Yarrow's Holmes and communicates to him in a private sign language.

Yarrow's home blog: http://gorgonmilk.blogspot.com/

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