Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Orichalcum Spirals

In various locations throughout what remains of Zalchis, one might encounter one of the last few Orichalcum Spirals. These ancient, eldritch artifacts pre-date the Retrenchment of Parlassa by several Aeons and are the lingering legacy of a once-powerful teleportational transportation system that connected to myriads of worlds, moons and other places. Once, long ago, these mechanisms were the very backbone of a vast civilization that spanned the glittering host of stars that are no more.

Those stars are mostly gone now, dead or imprisoned or worse.

It is said that the Glyph of the Third Aeon might unlock the temporal pathways that lead back to the relict shadow-verse that persists from this long past age of mighty wonders and vast interplanetary empires.

Perhaps Nadume knows this Glyph. Possibly she might know someone who does, and who is willing to teach it to you...for a price.

Some of the remaining Orichalcum Spirals still function, most do not. Those that no longer connect to a world, or a moon, or any other such location have a tendency to open into the Maelstrom or directly into the Anti-Sun itself. It is for this reason that Orichalcum Spirals tend not to get tampered with except by those who think they know best how to wrest their secrets from them with powerful spells, impressive psychic talents or other means.

Some few, rare and specific Orichalcum Spirals in very particular places offer access unto certain of the Rogue Moons and a few well-known and well-looted sites out amongst the debris that orbits around the Outer Equator. But there are rumors of previously unknow and undocumented Orichalcum Spirals that lead to vaults, tombs and crypts long cut-off and isolated from what remains of the universe. Knowledge of such a thing would be worth much, to the right people and Powers.

The Orichalcum Spirals are a closed system. They only connect points within the dying universe of Zalchis, when they are able to maintain those connections. These gates offer no escape from Zalchis.

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