Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Monocrat

Circa 1991...
 The universe of Zalchis is dying. The universe was murdered by a mad and now nameless Monocrat in the ruthless pursuit of their unholy ambitions and unquenchable thirst for vengeance for wrongs no one remembers and no one ever recorded. A wrathful figure of implacable resolve, the Monocrat built the Eight Spires and set into motion the horrific processes that resulted in the collapse of an entire universe.

Entropy stalks the outer perimeter of Zalchis like a great hungry wolf, slavering in anticipation of the inevitable, inexorable end that everyone knows is coming.  Darkness permeates everything.  Even the few lingering suns that reel and roll along the circumference of the Great Ring, those few that haven't been captured and enslaved by the Seneschals, grow dimmer as they waver betwixt and between a death transfixed upon the black spires of the servants of the Monocrat or the final spiral descent into the Maelstrom and ultimate extinguishment within the crushing embrace of the blasphemous Anti-Sun at the very center point of what remains of their cosmos.

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