Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Cilia-Fields of Draxu

Amidst the bitter wastes and the forlorn fragments of dead worlds scattered across the width, bredth and depth of the Great Ring of Zalchis, there are a number of highly specialized biomes, peculiar territories and eldritch environments that defy description. So we'll ignore them for the time being and focus instead upon those territories and terrains that we can at least attempt to describe in the hope that it might do someone somewhere some good some day.

Let us begin with the Cilia-Fields of Draxu, if for no other reason than they are close at-hand and rather notorious, and thus perhaps already somewhat familiar to at least someone in the audience. Yes, I noticed you three Scavengists and that psychodelver sitting in the back. One doesn't get to be as old as I have without being able to notice such things. Welcome. All of you. Perhaps I might prevail upon some of you to elaborate upon my presentations with what information you would be inclined to share from your field experience? Good. Good. Many thanks to you ahead of time.

So, The Cilia-Fields of Draxu.  Hmmm. Yes, very unpleasant places indeed. Hungry places. Living places. The Cilia-Fields are the remnants of gargantuan bacterially-colonized arthropods that have adapted to their new ecological niches within Zalchis in spectacularly gruesome ways. Where once they were mobile, having something of a swarm-like consortium-style existence, the Cilia-Fields are now more like layers of living scrum that congeal and fester within deep ravines, nooks and gaps within the wreckage and rubble of what passes for a landscape in Zalchis. They infest deep pits and deeper abysses, growing to cover the walls of shafts and caverns alike, filling grottoes and growing rampantly over valleys and gorges to form living forests of waving cilia the size trees. Cilia that have been known to entrap, enwrap and crush to death even a Vhadduk in order to infiltrate the body and absorb all nutrients, all memories, all energies and every last bit of the victim's ectoplasm, spirit or soul.

Yes. The Cilia-Fields are vampiric, but not in an undead sense--they are exceptionally efficient at draining any and everything from their victims in order to use these ill-gotten things are building blocks for the colonys' continued growth and expansion.

The Cilia-Fields are highly territorial, possessed of a fantastic drive to acquire more and more space, to fill every nook and cranny with their flesh, and to devour all who come into their power as completely as possible. And yes, it is true: the Cilia-Fields exude their own incipient atmospheres so as to lure and entice would-be prey to come into their folds, to draw nearer to the trunks of the colossal cilia if only to refill ones air-tanks or to take a breath of air. They even manufacture a form of false-gravity in some instances, allowing their prey to wander deeper into the maze-like depths of their flesh before terminating the gravitational effect and swallowing them up like a vast carnivorous plant.

Since the Cilia-Fields of Draxu exist across a vast span of planes, timelines, phase-states, and more, they are a hazard to navigation to nearly all species and beings who attempt to travel or explore the outer surfaces or inner regions of Zalchis. They are known to tap into the Ectosphere, they drain the life from umbrallic echoes, and they greedily devour the souls of those lost within the Maelstrom whenever a particular colony achieves enough mass and is able to extend cilia outwards into the swirling curents of matter and energy falling past the Great Ring towards the central Anti-Sun. But only the most adle-pated fool would disturb such a thing as it feeds upon the last vestiges of the universe.

So of course you all now want to know how one can escape from the Cilia-Fields. I just bet you do.

Well, that will be covered in our next lecture. Class dismissed.


  1. Interesting! Is there some sort of rudimentary nervous system controlling the cilia underground, I wonder?

  2. Exactly the sort of response we want to encourage! Yes, there is a nervous system involved, myriads of them in fact, all networked across the biological substrata of the various Cilia-Fields...each region developing their own constellation of synaptic connections based on stimulus and the damn things get smarter as they interact with player characters...

    Our goal is to promote adventuring, to have people go explore this stuff. Thanks for taking a giant leap forwards for all Zalchiskind...