Tuesday, December 7, 2010


All the safe and normal assumptions are thrown out the window with Zalchis.  The universe is collapsing, the suns are going out. The end of the world is already over and all that's left is less than a thousand years until the great big black hole at the center of whatever is left finally swallows the bits and pieces of wreckage, debris and ruins that make up the Great Ring.  Life in Zalchis is grim, the kind of grim more in line with decapitation than with a paper-cut.  Nasty, brutal and short only come about half-way to describing life in Zalchis.  Death is not the worst thing that walks astride the broken remains of a thousand-thousand shattered worlds.  Fear doesn't carry the same nerve-killing charge any longer.  Doom is at hand.  But there are those who fight against the final dying of the light.  And there are those who seek to bring on the darkness once and for all.  Which will you be?


  1. An auspicious beginning. I'm interested in where this goes.

  2. OK, I'm hooked! Looks like you are off to a great start. Just curious, is Zalchis a campaign world you are currently running in your home game, or is this more of a collection of ideas for a future game? Also, thanks for linking my fear and sanity rules!

  3. @Trey: Thanks! Glad to have you here!

    @Shane: Cool--Zalchis is a hybrid, partly the wreckage of a former campaign and the fresh-bits of what it will be from now on, at least until it finally does end in less than 900 years game-time. We're also writing some stories set in Zalchis that we're having fun doing, so who knows where it will lead? the plan is to get the first 50 or so posts finally edited, vetted and uploaded so that it is a solid reference for what we're hoping will be a play-by-email or play-by-post game. (We're exploring options and looking for advice on how best to do that...)

    Your fear and sanity rules are wonderful and we thought that they would work a lot better for this setting than the ever-diminishing %-score approach: sanity is not a finite commodity in Zalchis. It doesn't suddenly run out--nothing that easy--it is something that finally snaps, fails, or breaks, instead.

    We have a batch of stuff in the queu for Zalchis, but even so it looks like we've gotten a bit behind. Please bear with us. More is coming...

  4. @Shane: A quick update--we are now officially in the process of launching our very first Play-by-email micro-campaign in Zalchis. This is now a live game, and not just the remnants of former stuff. Details to follow as things develop and progress.