Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nadume of the Ashen Maze Welcomes You

Not quite a goddess, but more than a mere demon, Nadume  walks a dim and twisting path haunted by things other than ghosts.  For a small quantity of your blood she can tell you your fate and for a portion of your soul she can help you to forget.  Lamias fear her, succubi revile her, the barren hags of the razor crags mock her, but none of them can claim to have rejected the Tyrant Himself, who once sought to make her one of his sacrificial concubines.

It was on account of the unwanted advances of the Tyrant that Nadume first donned her smooth, silk-silver mask to conceal her beauty.  No one has seen her face in over a thousand years.  Some say that Nadume no longer has a face any more, that she has become an empty spirit, one cursed to spend the rest of what days remain wandering the ashen wastes where once a mighty forest grew.

It is also said, in a more quiet voice, amongst the nomads who send their young girls to wait at one of the sacred wells for Nadume, that she might teach them certain spells and grant them such blessings as is in her power to bestow. She also knows how to open the way to many desolate and abandoned places where a clever person might find something of more than passing value.  But one must be careful in bargaining with Nadume, for she has many uses for men's souls.

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